Friday, February 13, 2009

WCF Fundamentals

To work with WCF you need to understand these elements in WCF:
6-Metada exchanges
7- Client side Programming

In WCF every service is associated with a unique address. Each address has two specifications. First it has the location of the service and second it has transport protocol. The location has the name of machine, a communication port and an optional specific path called URI. (URI is a unique string). WCF supports these protocols:
· HTTP : we use Http
· TCP : we use net.tcp
· Peer Network : we use net.p2p
· IPC: we use net.pipe
· MSMQ: we use net.msmq

So the address has this format:
[transport protocol]:// [machine name][:optional port number]/[optional URI]
example: Http://myserver:4040/myservice

You use each protocol based on requirement latter on when we talk about binding you will see that there are different bindings and for each binding you need to use one of the protocol then you have different kind of serialization & Interoperable functionality.

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