Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to create a parameterized report with Reporting Services

please see the clip

I assuming you have already read the previous posts about Reporting Services and you familiar with creating report. Let's say you have the same project in previous post. And you need to show just post code information that is in just one specific State. I am going to explain how to create a state parameter.

Open the report then go to Data View and select"New DataSet..."

Then all you need write a query to show all the states like this:

Then Select the previous data source and change the query as below. Remember when your query has some parameters (in reporting service @variable is a parameter) it will be automatically added to Report Parameters

So this query will need a state to run. From Report menu select Report Parameters you need to select "From query" radio button from "Available values" and also set the default value. As below (for more information see the clip)

The result should be like this:

please see the clip

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