Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Preparing a SharePoint Server

To start SharePoint what you need is an environment that is properly setup. You need so many softwares in that machine. It is almost impossible for most of us having a Server 2003 at our PCs. since most of our computers are Notebook. You need a Server 2oo3 to install SharePoint. The best way to solve the issue is that you can install Virtual PC. This Software allows you to install different OS on your computer. What you need is at least 40GB hard and 1GB of RAM then I believe you can have rather well enough machines to install SharePoint. The first step is installing Virtual PC. It is free software and you can download from this link:

Then you need to install Windows 2003 in Virtual Machine.Then all you need is following this link and follow 20 Steps to install SharePoint in a virtual PC:


Then be ready to learn about SharePoint, InfoPath and Workflow.

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Anonymous said...

The new posts are great Emad. Links to SharePoint Demos an Training are too useful.

Many Thanks :)